Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) is a critical function within a company that involves the development, analysis, and monitoring of financial plans and strategies to support overall business objectives. Performing financial planning and control is critical to the success of any organization.

Each year brings new challenges to all businesses. Financial goal setting establishes clear objectives for revenue, profit margins, and other financial metrics, aligning them with the overall strategic direction of the organization.

In addition, a sound budget helps the organization address opportunities in a timely manner but also to defend itself from prospective threats and to improve on weaknesses. Reviewing compliance with the budget is as critical as the preparation of the budget itself, allowing early identification of corrective actions which may need to be taken.


Velricon Solution

Velricon specializes in strategic financial services including the development and implementation of an Annual Financial Plan. Our CFOs team will integrate with the organisation’s internal finance team and develop a systematic process for budgeting, forecasting, sensitivity analysis and scenario planning, creating a roadmap for the company’s financial future.

The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the company’s financial goals and objectives. This includes identifying key financial metrics, budgeting, forecasting, and scenario planning.

Accurate and relevant financial information will be gathered from various departments. A system will be designed to support financial modeling, analysis, and reporting.

Implementation involves creating tools and platforms for budget tracking, financial forecasting, variance analysis, and performance reporting. The process can either be executed by our CFOs team on a timely basis, or we can offer training for your team to sustain these ongoing processes.

A robust FP&A system provides timely and accurate insights into financial performance, enabling proactive decision-making. The ability to forecast and analyze different scenarios aids in risk management and strategic planning. Moreover, a well-implemented FP&A system enhances accountability, fosters transparency, and streamlines financial processes, contributing to the overall financial health and success of the company.

This function plays a crucial role in aligning financial strategies with organizational goals, fostering informed decision-making, and optimizing overall financial performance.

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