Flexible CFO Solutions as per Your Preferences

Tailored to suit your business needs, our expert CFO services offer flexible,
cost-effective solutions. Whether on demand or through
fixed arrangements, our team is ready to provide critical
decision-making support, assisting with and handling pivotal issues.

  • Virtual CFO
    Expert Advice, On-Demand

    Hire us as your outsourced CFO to guide your business to success with expert financial advice and customizable engagement packages.

  • Interim CFO
    Rapid Solutions, Immediate Results

    During periods of growth or crisis, utilize us as your interim CFO for immediate support, efficiently overcoming business challenges.

  • Special Project CFO
    Efficient Project Assistance

    Handling large projects alongside your team, ensuring seamless execution and completion with expertise.

Together, we enhance business value by financial strength.


Our Services
& Areas of Expertise

CFO Services

Providing expert CFO services to manage risk, and ensure long-term business success.

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Financial Planning
& Analysis

Maximizing your financial strategy’s efficiency to overcome business challenges and capitalize on opportunities, securing growth and stability.

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Business Analysis
& Cost Structuring

Efficiently managing costs, optimizing revenue streams, and implementing strategic cost-cutting measures for enhanced business performance.

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Cash Flow Management
& Forecasting

Mastering cash flow complexities by implementing insightful forecasting strategies to ensure financial stability and seize growth opportunities.

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Management Reporting

Gaining clear insights into financial performance through comprehensive analysis, enabling informed decisions for business growth and efficiency.

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Business Valuations

Benefitting from CFO-led insights into accurate valuations, providing a decisive advantage in negotiations and strategic planning.

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& Internal Controls

Enhancing your business with internal controls, reducing risks, and steering towards its goals

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Operations Management  (Process Analysis & Improvement)

Boosting efficiency with tailored plans and strategic improvements, enhancing productivity, and driving competitive advantage.

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No Business Is Beyond Our Expertise

We are here to assist companies at any phase of development,
offering expert CFO services and solutions to drive growth and success


Our CFO services provide initial access to top-notch financial expertise, giving your company a strong financial foundation. We concentrate on:

  • Establishing financial infrastructure, basic reporting, and compliance
  • Initiating effective cash flow management practices
Companies in the
scale-up phase

Access the right CFO support to propel your business to the next stage. We can help you during your early growth phases by focusing on:

  • Advanced financial reporting
  • In depth cash flow forecasting
  • Sophisticated value-maximizing approaches
Established companies seeking further expansion

Our visionary CFO will unlock your business’s true potential. As your committed part-time CFO, we redefine your company’s growth by providing:

  • Advanced financial reporting to boards and shareholders
  • Inclusive cash flow management and forecasting
  • Detailed risk management
  • Advanced KPI reporting
  • Best-in-class financial strategies

What Sets Us Apart

Every business deserves excellence.
Choose us for tailored strategies
that will drive your
success story.

  • Experienced Professionals

    Our team consists of experts with years of hands-on experience and deep financial understanding.

  • Proven Efficiency

    We provide efficient CFO solutions, tailored to maximize your company’s growth and success.

  • Tailored Plans

    We use customized strategies and solutions designed specifically to meet your individual needs and objectives.

  • Flexible Collaboration

    Whether you need a one-off consultation or a permanent arrangement, we adjust our services to your needs whenever you require.


Discover Velricon

At Velricon, we meticulously assess your operations to increase business value and propel growth. We help your business achieve a competitive advantage that will allow you to fulfil your business goals.

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, dedicated to client satisfaction and building enduring relationships. With extensive hands-on financial and managerial experience, we offer tailored solutions, aiming for timely delivery of client-focused services.

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